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Waste Incineration Plant with Office and Cloakroom for Brick Town of My friend.


Hi guys, I am Matt –“#BadPirate”, I am building models and making, a lot of funny photos of My mnifigs collection. Today I have something special for You brick Town. A few years ago I build big educational model for exhibition. It was model of waste incineration plant with landfill and waste sorting plant. All model show how it works and the benefits of its operation, that flow to the community, in comparison if all waste was stored on a garbage dump.

A lot of people like so I decide to build small one for My friend, for His big Brick Lego Town :). I loved My job ;). I modeled myself on the modern block of Krakow's waste incinerator

Hope you like waste incineration plant and My 3nd Lego Ideas Model of the 2019, all I need to thanks all the supporters and staff for this great Lego models this year. I hope You have fun watching my designThanks. Matt.

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