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HE 10000 DT Mining Machine


Do you have a quiet mine full of gold and precious stones? Shouldn't we just drill it out, just take it out nicely? Do you even want to have fun? That's why we designed the new beauty for Heavy Engine Industries, a 10,000 DT mining machine, to get you to where you want to go. The spotlights illuminate the terrain well, and once you've found the perfect spot, you just go back to the control system and watch live on the 10 "LCD as the remote-controlled drill arm brings you that day's feeder and the price of your next summer vacation.
How do you do this? The propulsion system is two quietly squishy, 10,000 cm3 Double Turbo engines that almost fly the machine. At the top is the remote drilling unit, what you can control, and as you work, the yellow flashing light indicates to everyone that this is your work area.
What do you need to start mining? Not much, just 10,000 votes, a big drizzle, and series production is on its way to digging the depths of mines for everyone's sake, where tons of gold and gems can fall out to make even a dog's bowl out of it.

Main features:
         - length: 310 mm
         - width: 130 mm
         - height: 120 mm
         - item number: 526

We've taken the first step, now it's your turn. Mining up!

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