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Pitfall! is a video game for the Atari 2600 and released in 1982 by Activision. The player controls Pitfall Harry, who has a time limit of 20 minutes to seek treasure in a jungle. The game world is populated by enemies and hazards that variously cause the player to lose lives or points.

This Lego set (410 parts) represents the iconic screen of this famous video game from the past! The protagonist finds himself faced with three alligators and is ready to grab the vine to escape them! Immediately below, we find the scorpion ready for the ambush.

In this Lego set I wanted to maintain as much as possible the pixel effect due to the age of the game of now 40 years! I also wanted to give a touch of modernity by imagining and recreating our protagonist in a minifigure version, so as to be able to choose which character to use.

I think it could be a very nice set, as it would be like having a small brick reproduction of a great classic, even better for those lucky enough to have an Atari 2600 at home to support it!

Last gem of this Lego set, the mini cartridge from the 1982 game!


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