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Wolfpack Castle


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The Wolfpack is back!

Inspiration for Wolfpack Castle came from various older Castle theme sets but my primary inspiration was Set Number 6075 Wolfpack Tower (Wolves’ Island Liar). With only three notable sets released (two in 1992 and one in 1993) I felt it was time to bring the Pack Back and what better way to do this then with their very own castle!

I have pitted the Wolfpack against the Lion Knights (Crusaders), another classic LEGO Castle faction which was first introduced in 1984. The Lion Knights have had a long and storied history but have not been included in a set since 2001 with the re-release of Set Number 10000 Guarded Inn.

Help bring the Castle theme back and rekindle these two faction’s rivalry from the early 1990s by supporting my LEGO Ideas project - Wolfpack Castle

  • 1,413 Parts
  • 4 Wolfpack minifigures
  • 2 Lion Knight (Crusader) minifigures
  • 1 Skeleton
  • 1 Brick built boat
  • 1 Horse
  • 1 Parrot
  • 1 Spider
  • 1 Frog
  • 1 Printed Wolfpack flag, 2 two shields and 4 torsos
  • 2 Printed Lion Knight shields and torsos

  • The set is broken up into 4 modular sections – Stairs, Bridge, Gatehouse and Keep
  • The 4 sections can be configured in a variety of ways and connected via Technic pins
  • On either side of the Gatehouse, at sea level, there is a brick built stone feature that swings open on hinge plates to allow access to the Gatehouse dungeon, here is where the spider has built her web
  • The Wolfpack Castle takes defensive elements from real life castles such as crenelations, machinations and arrow slits
  • There are two barrels of tar that can be used to protect the Gatehouse
  • The center part of the roof of the Gatehouse can be removed to access the interior
  • There are multiple ladders that allow minifigures to access every level
  • There are 3 dungeons with bars that can be removed for escapes
  • There are 2 stashes of gold – one stash at the top of the Keep and another stash under the Stairs
  • The King Wolf has his very own headdress and throne
  • The Wolfpack Castle comes full stocked with swords, spears, axes, crossbows, bows and arrows
  • A boat comes with oars and there is a spot to attach a crossbow to the front for attacks from the water
  • There is a custom built stand to display the 6 minifigures and 1 skeleton figure

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