Product Idea |

Multipurpose School Gym

"You can make friends and have new experiences through sports"

I became interested in sports through school sports and I could enjoy sports more by learning about them.
I could make new friends through sports.
Through cooperation with my friends, I was able to experience the miracle of making better results in sports than usual.
Sports at school provide a valuable experience for many students to get to know each other and get memories together.

In the school gym, many teams can play at the same time, watch sports, or cheer for them.
If there is a school gym, many people can enjoy sports regardless of the weather.

Brief description of features
- Sports items can be folded and stored inside after use.
- Various sports items can be used to express various sports.
- The parts of the gym which you want to show can be displayed separately

This set consists of 2945pcs.
You can see the interior of this building by separating the middle roof and the front part of the building.

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