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Glasses and Coasters

This is a set of 4 drinking glasses and 4 coasters with a coaster holder and a table. I designed it so the glasses actually fit on the coasters and the coasters fit in the coaster holder. The coasters are stackable and can fit in the holder. There is a 48x48 baseplate that everything can fit on. Each coaster is 1 brick tall. The coaster holder is 5 2/3 bricks tall. Each glass is 8 bricks tall.

I was inspired to build this because of my own coaster set and glasses. I think this would make a great LEGO set because it would be affordable to most people. I designed this build on a site called Mecabricks.

This build includes 279 pieces overall.

If you want this idea to become a set, please support it so maybe one day you could have it!😁👍🏻🤗🥛🕳

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