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Men in Black (MIB) Crown Victoria car


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This is my great idea and i´m sharing it with you.

Men in Black is a movie from the year 1997, where they look for the best of the best of the best, so that they can protect the earth of aliens, and here is my model of the car, including two minifigures that are agents K and J, and each one with his weapon, K with the giant one and J with the smaller one, they also have the neuralizer so they dont leave witnesses.

In the pictures you can see the car with the torpedos, it has the red button so it changes to that, just like in the movie, but dont forget to put on your belt, in the car can fit the two minifigures with no problem, and the weapons put them in the back. It also has the New York plate in the front.

This as a lego set can be for adults and for kids, you can play with it or have it like an ornament.

I hope thet you liked my idea, please support it and share it with others.



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