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Bookstore Modular Building


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Thank you for viewing my next project: the Bookstore Modular Building! As you may see from the pictures, the actual bookstore is on the bottom left, with a coffee shop/cafe next door. Above the bookstore is an apartment with an accessible rooftop terrace. Lego minifigures get to this apartment by going through the alley between the bookstore and cafe and by going up the flight of stairs behind the bookstore. The set of steps behind the cafe takes minifigures to an antique shop, located above the cafe. Another flight of steps inside the antique store leads to a model train store with a miniature display and shelves with other model trains for sale in the shop. Viewing the attached pictures will help you get a better understanding of the building and this Lego Ideas project.

Lego minifigures such as a barista, an owner for the bookstore, an antique dealer, and maybe someone to live in the apartment would be fitting for this model. I designed this building to be around the same height and depth of the other modular buildings Lego has released. Please support this modular building and thank you again for viewing!





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