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Lucky Luke and Daltons


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I’m a poor lonesome cowboy…

Yes! It’s me, Lucky Luke. Once again my job was to catch the Daltons. With the help of my four-legged friend Jolly Jumper it was as easy as pie.

And a long way from home
I have been a big fan of Lucky Luke since my childhood. I grew up with the ‘Tenderfoot’ and ‘Daisy Town’ comics that belonged to my father.
It had been on my list for a long time to make a MOC of Lucky Luke and the Daltons.
The size of the MOC is 48cm length, 20cm width, 20cm height and consist of around 1250 pieces.

Lucky Luke
Luke rides relaxed towards the sun. On the way to the prison where Rataplan is already waiting to watch over the Daltons again.

The Daltons
Joe, William, Jack and Averell are not in the mood to be brought back to prison. Well, Averell is daydreaming again. He doesn’t care much for in or out the prison.

Fun facts about this Lucky Luke build
  • Did you notice the difference between the horses? The brown horse is a bit longer for creating space for all four Daltons. Also his neck and legs are lower because of the weight of the crooks.

  • The challenge for me is to put at least a few of the newest pieces to my builds. In this case it’s the round tile 3x3 white round (Jolly Jumper), the bracket 1x1-1x2 inverted | yellow (tail of Jolly Jumper). Can you spot more of those elements?

  • Besides that I like to show off a bit with a nice NPU; using the Minifigure Utensil Crutch for using stirrups.

  • It is possible to remove the figures from the horses. Lucky Luke and the Daltons can then be put in a different pose.

But you can bring me home!
Please support this LEGO Idea, give your vote and bring Lucky Luke back home!
Thanks in advance!

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