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Gravity Falls Mystery Shack

Hello all,
Here's my idea suggestion for a LEGO set based on the Mystery Shack from the animated series Gravity Falls.

The Mystery Shack a museum of oddities tourist trap, in the mysterious Oregon town of Gravity Falls, and home to Grunkle Stan, who Dipper and Mabel spend the summer with. The Shack is full of fake weird and supernatural exhibits, but throughout the summer Dipper and Mabel discover that there a real mysteries to be found in Gravity Falls.

Huge fan of the show, each episode brings something new to be found in Gravity Falls, be it gnomes, dinosaurs or evil traingles. I always loved hidden rooms and details in LEGO sets growing up, especially in the LEGO Adventures ranges, so the Mystery Shack with its secrets seems well suited as an Idea :)

I've included some suggestions for stickered Lego parts below (sorry for the poor editing) and ideas for the minifigures. The set comprises of the Mystery Shack, brick built Bill Cipher, and minifigures Grunkle Stan, Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Soos and Waddles the pig. Also Journal 3 naturally! (sadly am short a red 33009 book part!)

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