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Homer Simpson

Homer Jay Simpson, is a central character in the long-running animated sitcom "The Simpsons," created by cartoonist Matt Groening. Is renowned for his distinctive style and unmistakable characteristics. With his iconic yellow skin, balding head, and large, round eyes, Homer's animated appearance is instantly recognizable. He is often depicted wearing his signature white short-sleeved shirt and blue pants. Homer's physique is notably robust, accentuating his love for indulging in delicious and often unhealthy foods. His facial expressions range from clueless to ecstatic, reflecting his humorous and sometimes oblivious nature. Homer's character is defined by his endearing clumsiness, love for his family, particularly his wife Marge and children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, and his penchant for comical, often absurd antics. Together, these elements contribute to Homer Simpson's enduring and beloved presence in popular culture.

Total parts: 2611

Height: 20 in - 500 mm
Width: 8 in - 200 mm
Depth: 6 in - 150 mm

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