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Naboo Core: Opee Attack!


With the Force Awakens arriving in December and Jar Jar exposed as a mind controlling potential Sith I have decided to release my Phantom Menace "Naboo Core" set idea! Aka "There's always a bigger fish" scene in Star Wars Episode I the Phantom Menace which Qui-Gon Jin utters after the Opee-Sea Killer is munched up by the Sando Aqua Monster ("Big Guba Fish!".

My set contains:

1X Gungan Sub 37 pieces (with platform)

1X Opee Sea Killer 179 pieces (with platform)

1X Colo Claw Fish 201 pieces (with platform)

Total: 417

Just based on the pieces I estimate the price for the set to be around the £30.99-£39.99 mark.

So that rounds it all up. This set would bring the two Naboo sea creatures into Lego form which we have never seen released officially and also a updated mini Gungan sub.

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