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1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Fleet


Earlier this year, I discovered a TV show about classic cars.  While many classic cars were restored or customized, one really caught my eye.  That was was a early 1970's Dodge Challenger R/T in Plum Crazy Purple.  

While I have no plans to buy a classic muscle car (or even a modern one), I thought it would be cool to have miniature versions I could place on a shelf and appreciate.  I ended up purchasing sets of Lego American Muscle cars and I'm a fan.  I realized that while two major American muscle car manufacturers were featured, a third was not and this is where my idea comes in.  

It is my goal to produce a set of classic Dodge Challengers.  My set will feature three 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T's in the following colors: Purple, Orange, and Green.  The set also features a MOPAR workstation.  You will have to use your imagination to picture the MOPAR logo on the white backing on the benches but if this set comes to fruition, it will be there.  The mini figures I included are a place holder for ones that will ideally have a MOPAR work shirt or jacket on the upper body.  I believe that this would be a great opportunity for Lego but also for Dodge/MOPAR.

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks and if I can make improvements I will!  Thank you for your time and support!


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