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Crop Sprayer (Agrifac Condor)


Hi, thanks that you are interested in my creation. 


Crop Sprayer

It's a crop sprayer, which is an agricultural vehicle. This sprayer fits perfectly in the farming vehicles LEGO made in the past. With unfolding booms, 4-wheel driving and 4-wheel steering is this a good set to play with, but it can also be used as a display model due to the details like the orange beacons and the GPS-receiver. 

It's using Power Functions and Pneumatics. But the motors and batterybox can also be removed and with a few modifications, it can also be a non Power Functions creation. The crop sprayer consists of roughly 2,100 parts and is a copy of a real machine, the Agrifac Condor. 


Thanks for reading and (maybe) supporting. I hope it will be on the shelves oneday :)


If you want to see the video, here it is: 


Have a nice day!

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