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Grimsby Dock Tower

Opened by Queen Victoria in 1854, the Dock Tower has been an icon ever since. Standing at 94m tall, the tower can be seen across North East Lincolnshire, this set attempts to showcase the old and the new, with a modern car transport ship entering the lock gates adjacent to the Victorian tower. This marvel of engineering is an example of a hydraulic accumulator tower which was used to power machinery across the once grand fishing dock, once homw to the largest fishing fleet in the world, using the power of water. The building has even been featured as a much larger model at LegoLand Windsor, this model attempts to not only represent the tower, such as the example at LegoLand, but also the surrounding dock area.
The set comes with 3 distinct features, firstly the Dock Tower itself set in the middle of the design. Secondly the car transport ship, these are a common site entering the docks at Grimsby in the 21st century and the ship is modelled of an example of such a ship. Finally, a smaller yacht type ship is displayed next to the tower to respresent the diverse range of ships that pass through the tower on a weekly basis.

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