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Warhawk (Buck Rogers)


This is a mini-figure scale model of the "Warhawk" from season 2 of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century".

Why did I select the Warhawk as the subject of my project? For one, it has an unconventional form follows nature design (Hey!!! It actually looks like a bird!). Also, it seems no one else has attemped to model the Warhawk in Lego, and I know why; it was very challenging. Nevertheless, three weeks and almost 600 parts later, this is the result. Coming up with a solution for the nose (beak) of the model was particularly tough.

Since I did not have the parts for a physical model, the Warhawk was completed as a virtual build. The intuitive and informative Lego program was my tool of choice. I think it did a great job.

So, Lego Maniacs (not just Zack, everyone is included... sorry), do you approve? Please let me know with your comments and support.

-Happy Building

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