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Frankenstein Junior

Young Frankenstein is one of the most famous comedy films of all time, the brainchild of Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder. His black and white scenes and jokes, in whatever language they have been translated, have become a timeless cult, endlessly revisited jokes and become part of everyone's idioms. For those few extraterrestrials who do not know its history, Frankenstein Junior is a 1974 blockbuster film, a parody of Mary Shelley's novel, shot in the 1930s, in which the young doctor and famous university professor Frederick Frankenstein, nephew of the famous doctor Victor von Frankenstein, whose medical theories he rejects as absurd, he discovers that the late baron has left him a castle in Transylvania. Despite strong skepticism and contempt for his grandfather's experiments, Frederick goes to Romania, where he meets the unpredictable hunchbacked assistant Igor, his assistant Inga and the sinister and mysterious Frau Blücher. Blücher, once the Baron's lover and assistant, through a subterfuge, makes Frederick find his grandfather's notes: reading them, he changes his mind about his ideas and begins to think of giving life to a creature in turn. He takes a corpse with which to start his work, then asks Igor to go to a laboratory, to steal the brain of Hans Delbruck, a great scientist, but Igor, after involuntarily destroying the scientist's brain, instinctively takes another one , positioned next to it, on whose plate "abnormal" was written.
Not knowing about the exchange, Frederick proceeds with the experiment, giving life to an unstable giant that he loses control of. The monster flees the castle, frightened by the fire. Frederick manages to recover it and convinces it that it is a good creature and to prove it, he organizes a theatrical performance in which he and the creature perform a tap dance number in front of an audience of skeptical scientists. A fire starts on the stage, makes him escape again, he is arrested, escapes again, then kidnaps Frederick's fiancée, Elizabeth, who falls in love with him. Frederick, desperate to get the creature back and correct his mistakes, lures it to the castle and just as the mob, led by Inspector Kemp, bursts into the laboratory, Dr. Frankenstein attempts a brain exchange with the Monster to transfer him part of his intelligence and thus make him a more normal being. The attempt succeeds and the film has a happy ending with two love stories: Elizabeth will marry the Monster, who has become erudite and has sophisticated tastes, while Inga will marry Frederick.
The idea of ​​making a model of it came from my passion for this film. Model started from the laboratory and then extended to all the rooms of the castle where it is possible to reconstruct almost all the most famous scenes from the film.
I hope everyone enjoys this model and the idea of ​​playing with it, as much as I enjoyed designing it. IT COULD WORK!!

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