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Shaun the Sheep - The Farm

Welcome to Shaun the Sheep’s Farm!

This is my Idea inspired by a very famous British animated series. Not only was my goal to make it playable as much as possible, but also to make a beautiful display piece. The Idea consist out of 2488 parts and it was built fully virtually. I have used Bricklink’s Studio to build it, open-source 3D software Blender to add the background and open-source photo editor Gimp for a final assemble.

This Idea contains of 10 brick-builded characters including Shaun, Timmy, his Mother, the dog Bitzer, three pigs and a couple of other characters. The most interesting part are walls around. They are modular, so you can easily attach them in three possible directions each. This is another function, that opens much more playing possibilities.

I believe this would be an awesome Lego set for all AFOLs and their children. AFOLs can enjoy neat building techniques and time with their children, who can play their favourite scenes out from the series.

What do you think? Should I improve anything?

Thanks for your support! It means a lot for me! Baa!

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