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The Great Train Robbery

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“It’s the Wild West. The sand is hot, the towns are bustling, and the trains are on time. One train in particular, the Prospector, happens to be transporting gold this particular day. A wealthy woman and the conductor are also onboard. Unbeknownst to them, the Prospector is about to be taken over by one of the most dangerous crooks in the west, the Black Bandit. He seeks the gold and is willing to get it by any means. Fortunately, a cowboy and a marshal have teamed up to bring this friends to justice. Will the Black Bandit get the gold, or will justice prevail?”

This build is a tribute to the countless Wild West stories told over generations. With 1310-pieces, this build possesses 3 horses, 5 minifigures, and 5 individual sections for the train: the locomotive, a coal car, a cargo car, a passenger car, and a log car.

Minifigures (Picture 4: Left to Right): The Marshal, the Cowboy, the Black Bandit, the Wealthy Woman, and the Conductor.

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