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Smell of Spring: Hyacinths

Feel the beauty of the spring with this colorful set of hyacinths. The set consists of a large pot with an elegant design and colors carefully chosen to reflect the gentle warm of spring. The multitude of purple shades of hyacinths create a relaxing atmosphere and also a delight to the eye.
The set has 2224 pcs:
  • the pot = 1098 pcs
  • 5 hyacinths = 1110 pcs (222 pcs / hyancinth)
  • 4 big leafs = 16 pcs (4 pcs / leaf)
Size: 24.8 x 24.4 x 36.8 in Stud
This set can easily blend into everyone's home due to the combination of colors and it will be so much fun to build it by yourself or with your family.
This is my first project built in Studio 2.0. I hope you will like it and support it.

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