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Mysterio's Lizard Trap


     This model depicts Mysterio and his plan to unleash the Lizard on Spider-Man (Sensational costume) and Scarlet Spider. This set would include: Mysterio x3;  Spider-Man (Sensational costume); Scarlet Spider; and Lizard (Big Fig). The Lizard would be chained to four columns, which he could break out of as a play function. The reason I do not have a Lizard Big Fig model is because I could not find the Big Fig body parts to insert it into the digital program. Another functionality is to spin the mirrors around which will allow Mysterio to create illusions of himself to distract Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider while he takes control of Lizard. The last play function is to break off the mirrors and the bookshelf as well as the pillar between the mirrors. 

     I built this set because I believe that Mysterio and Lizard have some interesting concepts for a Lego set. Mysterio, the illusionist, has similarities to Dr. Strange in which he can create illusions allowing for very creative Lego creations. Lizard is similar to Killer Croc in which he is a beast that is good for taking on Super Heroes. The reason I picked this pair of heroes, Spider-Man (Sensational) and Scarlet Spider, is because they have teamed up in the past and each with his own traits are appropriate for fighting these two villains.  


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