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I always wanted to see tron become a brick. This theme would be based on the recent movie, Tron legacy. comment with ideas. Along with the shown concepts,there are other not strongly defined ideas. These include a light car, and a light chute jump. And most of all, read all the way through. I've started using LDD to design some sets, i've made some lightcycles farther down.

set concept #1
light cycle fight
two minifigure of opposing teams
two bikes of different colors
price range:
$15- 20

set concept #2
light jet battle
five minifigures total,three blue(relevant characters), two orange
one three person jet(blue), two smaller single person jets(orange)
price range:

custom helmet
peice to hold disk on back of head(disk included with each character)
(posibly glow in the dark)

set concept#3
light chute jump
three minifigs
light chute
price range:

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