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Ninjago Modular: Plant Shop

In the city of Ninjago, which is located in the land of the same name, there is a neighborhood on the coast where a lot of exciting things happen. To give you a little insight, I built another modular building.

The contents of the temple.

This is only about the things that can be seen in the appearance:

               -five rooms (Yuma´s plant shop, Kaitos meditation room, restaurantand two normal flats                          (from Riku and  Nami))
               -a roof terraces
               -two temples
               -seven minifigures that carry out different activities (her names are Yuma, Kaito, Haru, Riku,                    Chiku, Kei und nami)

Technical specifications

his is about length, width, etc.

             -Length:32 studs
             -Width: 32 studs
             -Height: 27 blocks
             -Number of parts from the higher building: 684
             -Number of parts from the smaller building: 407
             -Number of parts in total: 2105
             -Number of colours: 30

If you have any questions you can ask them under the comments.

Best regards,
Blocker 007

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