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Deep-sea Attack Submarine


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Welcome dear visitor! It seems you are looking for a super cool submarine to explore the ocean; and guess what... You found it!! 

The Sub

Ever since I was little I have been almost obsessed with submarines. So when I discovered Lego I naturally wanted the perfect Lego submarine. Guess what? The perfect submarine was not to be found! (What is the perfect submarine you ask? Well in my mind the perfect submarine needed to be fast and agile looking (like a shark) but also luxurious (Like a yacht). (I think I did a pretty good job :) Skip forward a couple years and there I was still waiting for the perfect submarine... Then I discovered Lego ideas and I knew that this was my chance to make my dream become a reality! Now its time to accomplish what you came here for! Press the little button that says "Support" so that you too can have the perfect submarine!


A couple features could include things like:

Flick fire missiles

Counter rotating propellers 

A bonus build like a rock or a hidden lair!

A cool one of a kind minifigure 

Or maybe even a bad guy of sorts!

Thats it! I hope you like it!

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