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Supply Drop Station


Trouble in outer space? Need support to complete your mission? Help is on the way! Supply Drop Station is an emergency supply station that provides all of life’s necessities to survive on any planet! Often times when venturing on foreign planets, explorers may need emergency support to complete their mission or even to save their lives! Supply Drop Station provides medical, transportation, and research support, along with plenty of supplies to aid the explorers in their time of need. Just call one of these to your side and it will arrive through the atmosphere in no time! Set features:

  • A male and female explorer in need of help!
  • Medical bay featuring a stretcher and medical supplies in climate controlled storage
  • "Preservation chamber" where the explorers can rest and recover from medical emergencies
  • “Lunar Scooter” to get to and from the station
  • Research and analysis lab to carry out important research on the planet’s surface
  • Communication centre to contact home base
  • Weapons and armor to defend against hostile enemies!
  • Plenty of supplies including food, water, oxygen, mechanical tools, and more
  • Fortified doors fold in and out to reveal the interior and allow access to the station
  • Design allows interior features to be folded and stored away while station is open or closed


Note From Creator: I designed this set with display, scale, and playability in mind. I believe that males and females of all ages can enjoy this set and create many adventures of their own! 


Let's help the explorers get their supplies by supporting Supply Drop Station!

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