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The Lost Fortress

1.What is it? This is a fortress of medieval fantasy style. It consists of four parts, two fort on each side, the main tower, and the green roof hut. I used dark grey and light grey elements to show mottled texture and used green elements for embellishment. There are many interesting features in this moc. Let’s take a look.
  • First, we arrive at the fort on the left. Archers can rest and defend in the fort or stand guard at the top of it. Besides, there is an armory hidden under the stairs. You can observe the interior of the armory by removing the wall in the back easily.
  • The right fort is a hexagonal structure with a large crossbow on it, which can be used for defense and attack.
  • Then we move to the main tower. You must have noticed a warrior sculpture in the front of the tower and a ghost sculpture in the back. I think they look cool. I also designed an elevator inside the main tower, which can be lifted by twisting the gear on the top of the building; Soldiers can reach the balcony on the third floor by taking the elevator. The balcony is equipped with a crane that can be manually controlled. A cage is hung on the crane, which holds a prisoner.
  • The green roofed hut next to the main tower is the wizard's residence. You can see the fireplace, wine barrel, dining table and other interiors in the house; At the bottom of the hut is a secret cave. Spider webs hang at the cave entrance. You can remove the walls and find a box of treasures, an old armor and a skull hidden inside the cave, which indicates a secret.
  • The walls in each building are designed with side opening function for observation and play. Soldiers can walk to the main tower and the hut from both stairs, or they can get to the entrance in the back of the building and reach the platform by using the elevator of the main tower.
2.Why I build this? Inspired by Lego set 10305 Lion Knight’s Castle and 910001 Castle in The Forest, I decided to build my own medieval castle two months ago. But I didn't want to follow the normal castle structure, so I designed a unique structure and added many interesting details and mottled texture for this building. I didn’t use modeling software like for model design, instead I draw sketches on paper and build it directly.
3.Why I believe it would make a good Lego set? This moc has a very cool appearance and details for players to play with. The moc itself tells a story, while giving consumers a good play experience, and bringing more inspiration to other players. There are so many Lego fans looking forward to the return of the medieval castle series. I believe this moc can meet the expectations of many medieval castle fans.

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