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Star Citizen: Arena Commander

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Chris Roberts' upcoming space simulator game Star Citizen has just released another update for its first module, Arena Commander. Arena Commander essentially allows players to get the hang of flying and dogfighting before the actual release of the game, and features several different modes including Freeflight, the Swarm and racing. Looking around at all the other Star Citizen projects, I realized that what we really need is a true play set with more than one ship - and what better subject to take on than a Vanduul Swarm battle in Arena Commander in which players must defend themselves against hordes of Scythe fighters? 

No idea what I'm talking about? Check out the official Star Citizen webpage

About the models:

The Origin 325a is a rebuild of my earlier 300i and it proved to be a fun update. The Vanduul Scythe on the other hand, was a little harder, being built from scratch, but I managed to incorporate some interesting play features. Enjoy!

Features (Origin 325a):

  • Awesome color scheme
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Opening side doors, which open to reveal storage space inside the ship!
  • Retractable main gun
  • Fits 1 fig, with space for controls
  • Detailed hydrogen scoops, missile launchers and more!
  • 578 parts (including pilot)

Features (Scythe):

  • Wings fold up for landing/ in preparation for an ambush
  • Detailed engine and wing sections
  • There is space in the cockpit to fit a custom Vanduul figure (made from existing molds), which I am currently still refining
  • 371 parts (vehicle only)

Total: 325a + Scythe= 578 + 371= 949 parts

So spread the word to other Star Citizen fans on the forums, on Ideas, on everywhere, so we can make this set a reality! Also, if you haven't done so already, do support nosmigon's fantastic F7A Hornet too!


*All logos, Arena Commander backgrounds and basic starship designs belong to Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games.

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