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Ding-Dong!  “Trick-or-Treat!”  The two kids on the steps of the house wait for the owner to open up the door.  When he does he immediately recognizes them as the Dynamic Duo!  It’s Batman and Robin!  He immediately scoops a big handful of candy out of the cauldron and gives it to the first kid and does the same with the second.

The house in the project started out as just a door.  Then I added the sides with the first two windows.  I decided it looked incomplete so I added another set of walls with some more windows.  Finally the only part left was roof.  That part was really easy!

The trick-or-treaters are dressed up as Batman and Robin.  The bags they carry each have a 2x2 smooth plate representing a chocolate bar, and a colorful stud for a brightly-wrapped piece of candy. 

The front yard is covered in creepy decorations.  On the left, a big red snake looks at them menacingly while on the right, a minifigure’s hand rises from a grave.  The lawn is covered in spiders and rats.  On the roof, there are some bats as well.  Ohhh!  Spooky!

On the outside of the house there is a porch light and stone steps leading up to the door.  On the steps there are two scary jack-o-lanterns.  The house’s interior has a table with the candy cauldron and a skeleton sitting silently in the corner.

Hopefully this project will be noticed and not get lost amongst the waves of new projects coming out.  To ensure that this doesn’t happen, I will try to add new trick-or-treaters in a weekly update.  Feel free to ask for new costumes in your comments!

If this project were to get 10,000 supporters, I would want it to join the Lego City theme.  I think it would fit in quite nicely there.  Also, I believe that anyone would like this project!  It is playful and clever and would appeal to people of all ages! 

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