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Vintage Biplane


Vintage Biplane

The years since 1919 to 1939 are considered the Golden Ages of Aviation, in the between of these 20 years many Aviation’s Events became the main History of Aviation, where oceans where crossed, aviation became more and more updated, airplanes had more and more changes to travel all around the World with all the new technology that was growing faster than ever.

We all know John Alcock and Arthur Brown and their Vickers Vimy modified bomber from crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral and their biplane Santa Cruz, from crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal to Brazil, that remains notable as a milestone in transatlantic aviation. Charles Lindberg and his plane The Spirit of Saint Louis, from being the first crossing the Atlantic Ocean solo. Amelia Earhart for being the first woman crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel, and so on.

This is my way of honouring all these great achievements, and it’s also my first attempt on creating a plane with LEGO bricks.
It was fun! :)
Trying to find the right bricks, putting them all together, creating it by my own mind visualizing ancient photos, it was a great challenge! :)

It’s not a difficult set, I consider it by medium difficulty, it has bricks from various themes, and it’s amazing to build! Why not give it a try? The tail of the plane and the propeller rotate. You also have two pilots minifigures, with helmets, flying goggles, parachutes and hats for when they are off the plane.

Hope you like it! I just love it! :)

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