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Shoe Race (Rayman)


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One of the craziest moments from the Rayman 3 videogame, Shoe Race is a battle with bumper... shoes!
This power-up shrinks Rayman and make him drive his right shoe. Once he catches his left shoe he comes back to normal and continues his adventures!
Since Rayman's body parts float in the air making this build was quite challenging and I think it'd be a great LEGO set precisely because of Rayman's unusual body! Besides, 2020 is Rayman's 25th anniversary and I wanted to celebrate his birthday with a potential LEGO set!

What would be in the set:
-Rayman driving his right shoe
-Crazy Shoe with a currency symbol on the top (just like in the game!)
-Rayman's biggest fan (minifigure) holding two toys of a yellow and red lum
-Crazy shoe power-up

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