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Enchanted Haven


The Enchanted Haven is an island infested with the most potent sources of magical energy, and is the perfect place for any witch or wizard wishing to detatch themselves from the world of the simple and mundane. It can be rented for 12 gold pieces a night, though if you are skilled enough, you could put a spell on the landowner in order to get in for free. The isle is complete with a pen for your animals, and a garden for the necesarry ingredients for your experimental potions. The hut on the island may seem small on the outside, but the inside boasts 3 rooms; an entrance hall, an enchanting chamber, and a bedroom that customises itself based on the likes/dislikes of the sorcerer residing there at the time. The top two chambers are magically enlarged on the inside, which is why they appear so small on the exterior.

Anyone wishing to spend time away from the world of the simple, or to have peace and quiet in which to meditate on the magical properties of the world, the Enchanted Haven is the place for you! So press that blue support button, and join the immensely talented sorcerers of the modern age!

Happy magicking!


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