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Giant 2 By 4 Lego Brick


This model was built in honor of the most classic Lego brick of all, the 2 by 4 brick.  This set has 273 pieces and they are all red.  It is mostly made out of long bricks, but it contains a few baseplates.  It looks exactly like a large 2 by 4 brick, only like one hundred times larger. 

 This giant brick has many uses.  I made them so that they can attach to another brick just like the small 2 by 4 bricks can.  Therefore you can buy multiple sets and build a small world for your minifigures.  It also works as a minifigure stand for display purposes.  If you flip it over it works as a box to sort some of your small Lego pieces.  So if you want an awesome Lego model that can have various uses, please support this set. 

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