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LEGO Airways

LEGO Airways is an airline related set composed of three cabin modules, including economy, business and first class, focused on the experience, amenities, design and atmosphere you can get with "bricks in the sky":

Economy class:
-free wifi, complimentary snacks and drinks, comfortable legroom, dedicated overhead bin space, IFE seatback screens, wide armrests and tray table, seat reclining angle up to 110 degrees.

Business class:
-free high speed wifi, spacious seats with more legroom, wider overhead bins, enhanced productivity with one built-in outlet per seat, antiglare large display screens, leather seats with incorporated headrests, seat reclining angle up to 145 degrees, touchscreen remote control included.

LEGO First:
-unlimited high speed wifi, LEGO suite with enhanced privacy, huge antiglare flat screen TV, full LED mood lighting, flat bed leather seat, side extra storage room, on demand beverages and fine menu, touch screen remote control for lighting control, seat reclining, TV and air conditioner, two built-in outlets per seat, newspapers, magazines and books included.

Physical information:
Total parts: 1709
W5 · L5.4 · H5.3 inches (per module)
W12.8 · L13.6 · H13.5 centimeters (per module)

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