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Gru's House Despicable Me 1+2 Re-Upload

Here you see the house of Gru from the movie Despicable Me (1+2)
 There are 3 main floors :The ground floor, the first floor and the attic were you can play on.
 At the ground floor you can see the big animal-chairs of Gru and the girls and the closet with spikes in it. At the first floor there is the room of the Girls and the room of Gru, there is also the office of Gru and a ladder to the attic. At the attic there is a rack to put Gru's weapons in and a system for the smoke from the fireplace (I created this myself). Figures can also stand on the little balcony at the side of the roof and in the room before it. I also made the car of Gru and he can stand in it and you can place a girl or a minion in the side of the car (in the hidden compartment).

You can also celebrate Agnes birthdayparty with foldable tables, drinkglasses and the dangerous Climbing rack. (some party garlands to but I can't put them in the box in LEGO Digital Designer).

The minifigures and accessories are still in development because I can't really find a way to (design) show them in a way the are suposed to look like.

The roof and other floors are easy to pull of eachother so playing is easier.

I have put a lot of effort in it so I would like it if you take the time to look at it and maybe leave a comment. I hope I can get more support this time.


This set contains 1964 pieces.

Despicable Me 1+2
 Gru's house

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