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My name is John and I am submitting more my creation, and this is very personal.

I created this idea based on the look of pick-ups of today, but this is relatively small compared to the big ones (this one comes only with the two front seats) and an open box... with an wheel.

As said earlier, this creation is entirely unique, is also person and liked to see her physically one day.

I took the liberty to opt for tires and rims as suitable as possible for this model in question.

This particular model is quite simples and nothing lavish. Based on this topic, I decided to opt for a neutral color and not just jumps the view of each, even though this model has white stripes on the hood, making it look much more sporty than the main goal of this model, which is the transportation of goods.

This car has a V8 engine with a center console. It has a relatively accessible boot, since the tailgate is open downwards, facilitating the placement of bags, suitcases, etc.

I note also that this model is one of those models out of the ordinary and that because of the side doors not exist ... which for some may not make much sense. I opted to do so because the fact of not having fas doors of the own line of cars created and I am creating.

This and other models have this feature, which makes them different from many others and it is also what makes it appealing.

(The fact of not having doors should be the general idea of ​​the buggy, beach car, pick-up, 4x4 not have doors to facilitate access of the occupants inside and outside the vehicle).



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