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Conveyor Belt and Zig Zag Ramp GBC


Here is the GBC ( great ball contraption ) that I have been working on!  It includes a conveyor belt and a zigzag ramp section.  The conveyor belt lifts the balls up to a height of nearly eleven inches and can lift five balls at a time.  The balls then roll down a series of six small ramps and one larger one.  The balls are then picked up by the conveyor belt to start again.  The six small ramps are identical in construction and their side rail colors create a pattern of red, dark gray, and light gray.  The larger ramp has a black side rail.  The board that the ramps are connected to is tan, but it also has a zigzag pattern of one by twos in blue, orange, and yellow.  The model uses a lot of smooth tile pieces to give it a nice, smooth look.  The only places where studs are actually visible are on the base and the beam of the conveyor belt.  This model is around eleven and a half inches long, twelve and a half inches tall, and three and a half inches wide.  The conveyor belt and zigzag ramps can easily be separated from each other.  The power functions (which are an M-motor and technic battery box) can also come off easily.  You can also remove the light gray gear (that is connected to the worm gear) and replace it with a hand crank, to be able to manually rotate the conveyor belt if wanted.

The reason I built this GBC is because I thought it would be a fun and challenging project.  I think this model would make a great Lego set because it is a very fun to watch when it is going - and even when it is not, because of all of the colors that are on it.  This model is also great for any fan of Lego, GBC, science and physics, or anything else that relates to these subjects.

Thanks for checking out my model, and please support it!  Go and check out my other models too! 

Here is a video that shows the GBC running.

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