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The Moving Steampunk Capital

The Idea

What is better than a flying steampunk ship? A moving steampunk city! After the Sky Captain's famous "Steampunk Airship" was unable to pass its latest safety inspection, he and his crew quickly invented a new and even more spectacular vehicle to explore uncharted territories: "The Moving Steampunk Capital". Instead of leaving their home to explore, the explorers decided to simply bring their home with them!

While the idea of a moving city in general was inspired by the movies, the actual design of "The Moving Steampunk Capital" does differ greatly from the structures depicted in these movies and is truly unique and original!

The visual design of the moving city is inspired but not fully based on classic steampunk aesthetics: It combines steampunk elements with design elements of a medieval city or castle. While "The Moving Steampunk Capital" still features the fantastical pseudo-scientific retrofuturistic idea of a steam powered moving city build upon three massive continuous bands of treads, as well as steampunk specific design elements like pipes, wheels and steam powered engines, the whole design is slightly more colourful than most classic steampunk creations. The combination of the old buildings, the modern industrial machines and the big windows create an exciting aesthetic with a lot of display value!

The Build

"The Moving Steampunk Capital" consists of a moving base structure and several houses and other structures which are built on top of it. The base of the city is constructed upon three massive continuous bands of treads, which can easily bare the weight of the city.

The actual city consists of several individual structures, which all have removable roofs and can be easily accessed by minifigures through doors and other gateways:

1) The Outer Wall:
The outer wall contains a big draw bridge which serves as the main entrance to "The Moving Steampunk Capital". The drawbridge is big enough to pass it with small vehicles, and also helps to bridge the height gap between the city and the ground underneath. The outer wall also helps to keep out attackers and is used as the primary observation deck.

2) The Half-Timbered House:
A big white and black half-timbered house on the left front of the capital. It is home to one of the crewmates and grants direct access to the interior of the outer wall.

3) The Stone House:
The stone house is the smallest structure in the city. It has a green roof and can be accessed through the half-timbered house right next to it. It is probably the house of the novice explorer, since he is the youngest and poorest member of the crew.

4) The Blue House
The blue house is the biggest residential home in the city. It is located on the right side of the city, it has two accessible stories and is probably owned by the Sky Captain himself.

5) The Command Centre
The heart of "The Moving Steampunk Capital" is the command centre. It is located on top of a high structure at the back of the city. This is the place where all the important decisions are made. The command centre has a giant skylight and a big front window, so the crew can easily navigate through unexplored territories. The command centre can be accessed via the big balcony.

6) The Big Balcony
The capital's big balcony contains a big telescope to watch the stars and to help to navigate the city. It also connects the upper and the lower layer of the city via a ladder.

7) The Clock Tower
The clock tower is a relic from more stable times: It was originally part of an old town hall and is now located directly next to the capital's main command centre.

8) The Lower Deck
The city's lower deck is located right beneath the command centre. It contains the big main engine of the city. It can be accessed from the city's main square or through the green side door which leads to the upper level of the city. The lower deck also has a big rear window to let in natural light and to spot potential attackers.

"The Moving Steampunk Capital" consists of 2900 pieces and comes with 3 minifigures
and 1 seagull!
  1. The Sky Captain, the Moving Capital's mayor, a fierce explorer and brilliant inventor
  2. An engine technician
  3. A novice explorer

Length: 34.9 cm
Width: 24.6 cm
Height: 36.9 cm

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