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Red Bull RB16b Formula 1 Car (RC)

I have been a huge fan of formula 1 for a few months now.
I have thought that Red Bull Racing, as the team of the championship winner, Max Verstappen, deserved a lego model designed after their 2021 Formula 1 car ; despite Lego had already announced two formula 1 cars.
That's why I've decided to replicate the RB16b at an intermediate scale (same as the McLaren Senna GTR), with lego technic.
It features adjustable rear wing, adjustable flap on front wing, halo, and of course, remotely steered front wheels and driven rear axle.
I've designed this model with two different softwares, Lego Digital Designer for the overall design and Stud.Io for the specific panels and the render. And then I've physically built it and gave it self-made stickers to enhance the overall look and make it match the real thing.
I hope you'll enjoy my creation, either if you're a Red Bull fan or not, and please give it a support and leave me a comment !
Thanks !

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