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Steam Locomotive 65 018 - BR 65 Class

The Story of the 65 018

The 65 018 is the only remaining and still operating steam locomotive of the DB Baureihe 65 Class. 18 of them were built between 1951-1956 by Krauss Maffei for the DB. The locomotive was built in 1956 and was (and still is) one of the most modern steam locomotives of it's time. The 65018 has served till 1972. That means she retired at the age of 17. She was even lucky, because other engines of the BR 65 Class were scraped after 10 (!) years of service. She survived and is still operative, being one of the most loved steam locomotives in the Netherlands and Germany. While being a very reliable engine, with a maximum speed of 85 km/h forwards and backwards.

My Design

In three months time I managed to build the beautiful and loved 65 018. This was my biggest project yet and I enjoyed every single minute of building and designing it. 65018 is able to run through curves and is motorized with Powered Up Batterybox 88009 and Motor 88013. For more information about my project 65 018 you can check my YouTube Channel:
The BrickTrainBuilder

I build the 65 018 because I love the compactness and the design of the locomotive. I've seen it multiple times in the Netherlands, were she is still operative for the VSM.

I think 65 018 would be a great Lego set, because we simply need more train sets in Lego! The community wants more. For example, the Emerald Night is still popular after 13 years. So it's time to unite and support 65 018 to 10k supporters!

The BrickTrainBuilder

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