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Knight Rider

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Hi! this is my idea of Knight Rider,
the popular tv series in the 80's

In this model I made two type of car roof,
one of this has two glasses on side.
you can build the evil enemy K.A.R.R.

There are many set-up for this model
if you want you can play with pop-up headlights
you must do some changes (one of these photoes show this step)

RED LINE: no pop-up headlights
BLUE LINE: pop-up headlights

You can do it with both models

The interior is detailed with a computer (a flat tile 2X2)
and reclining seats.
on the back of the car there are a big black flap
and two big exhausts.

In the box should be gray bricks to make K.A.R.R.,
the original plate
and two michael knight minifigures (evil/good)

I hope you like it.


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