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The Wishing Star - Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

After watching the recently released film, I thought the wishing star was begging to be replicated in Lego.
I'm very new to Lego Ideas, this being my second submission. So this is a fairly simple build, with lots of possibilities to add characters and functions. I'll probably do a more complex version at some point to add some more interactive elements to make this a bit more complete.

If you've watched the film you'll have appreciated the quality of the animation and aesthetics, which I hope are somewhat translated into this design. And you'll be aware of how popular something like this would be, if made into a Lego set!

I used blue and pink chrome pieces, to give a bright, shiny appearance. The construction is simple, and the pattern allows for a nice star shape in the centre as well, which would look great illuminated.

Please consider supporting, and keep an eye out for more! Thanks!

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