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Cloud Temple

Hi, i'm Wannes and I've always loved Lego. For my first Lego Ideas project I decided to make a temple that could be in high up in the sky. It has 1162 pieces and the model also includes a minifig which is an old wise man who lives in the temple.

Why did I build it?
I've always loved Temples and other Asian-style builds so I knew I definitely wanted to make a temple and after brainstorming for quite a while I finally decided to make a temple that could be in the clouds. It has a lot of golden details as well to make it look even more shiny.

Why would it be a great Lego set?
The model is very detailed with a really unique shape. It's a beautiful display piece, but it could also be good for play since it has a full interior. It also has a lot of great building techniques and some intersting part-usage across the entire model.

If you like my project, feel free to press the 'support' button and share it with friends. I had a lot of fun making this model and I hope you guys like it too.

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