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Modular Office Tower


I present the Modular Office Tower!

Dimensions: (15" W x 15" L x 17" Tall)

Total Pieces: 5022


  • Can be used as a Modular Corner Piece or a Mid-Block Building.
  • Is also vertically modular.  By using multiples of the second floor the tower can create a true skyscraper in your Modular City.  (See Picture for Example)  It is my hope that Lego would see a benefit in releasing the second floor by itself to allow people to create towers as high as they want in their city.
  • Four Separate Floors each with it's own details.  The four floors easily detach from each other for easier viewing of a particular floor or all floors.
    1. Lobby with Receptionist Desk and Waiting Area.
    2. Open Office Floor with Managers Desk in the Middle.
    3. Private Office Floor.
    4. Executive Office Floor with Receptionist.
  • Each Floor has it's own structure independent of objects like desk, lamps and carpet making it easy to reconfigure floors or even design your own!  (See picture for example of just the structure of a floor)
  • Revolving door at Front Entrance.
  • Elevator doors that open and close on each floor.
  • There are several opportunities to put decals or painted bricks in this build to add to the office feel.
    1. A company directory above the receptionist.
    2. Tables in the Lobby area.
    3. On desk on any of the floors.
    4. A floor directory next to the elevators.
    5. Image for each of the computer displays.
    6. Multiple pictures on the third and fourth floors in the private and executive offices.

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