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The Wizard's Hideout

Deep in the dark woods the banished wizard hides from his enemies. Protected by his cadre of loyal elite knights, he spends his days brewing potions and practicing magic as he plots his return to the lands he once called home. His hideout consists of a three tiered structure. The main floor is his workshop containing completed potions and notes. His living quarters are directly above with bed, bookcase and sitting chair. The top of the structure is for the guards and houses the lookout tower. The grounds consist of a small garden for growing herbs and pumpkins, a fire pit and spit and most important the wizards magic crystals and enchanted flame of power.

Like many others I rediscovered Lego during the past year and have gotten into collecting and building. I loved the castle sets when I was younger and really enjoy the modular sets from the past couple years. I combined these two styles and came up with this simple and sun set. This is expanded version from what I first built. I really like using the arches for doors and adding in ladders for connecting the levels. This is my first real ideas submission so excited to share it with the community. Cheers!

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