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Space Cargo Team

Space Cargo Team delivers for you!

The Space Cargo Team and associated designs are based on the LEGOLAND 6990 Monorail (my all time favorite Lego set) and the LEGOLAND 6809 XT-5 and Droid. The purpose is to create additional custom sets that are compatible with the “Cargo box” and “Cargo flyer” that were part of the monorail set. To bring back a space system based on exploring and delivery of critical supplies.

Space Cargo Team Features interchangeable cargo boxes and gondolas, rotating communications array, and special cargo “flyer.”

With the Cargo Craft interplanetary deliveries are no problem!

Cargo Craft
Carries two cargo boxes or four mini-boxes and includes exploration sled which stores behind pilot compartment.

Cargo Craft
Engine and communications room with combination hatch-ramp.

Space Cargo Team is now making delivers to Way Station 16!

Way Station 16 features a Command Tower and two Cargo Yards for cargo interchange and storage using both full size "Cargo Boxes" and the new "mini-Cargo Boxes"

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