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Bob's Old Tugboat


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Tugger 3 is a harbor tugboat bought by Bob about 35 years ago to start BTS: Bob's Towing Service - To wherever you like. All these years Tugger 3 has never failed Bob. They towed everything from carbage barges to brand-new superyachts and everything in between. Now the day has finally come that Bob retires from his life as a tugboat captain and being away from home for days. The time is here to enjoy life with his wife Jill and cat Misty, relax and have a drink.

Over the years, he has become very fond of his old tugboat and has come to affectionately refer to her as the Old Lady. Instead of saying goodbye and selling her, he is keeping her and give her a good overhaul and refit together with Jill. Now they can make trips with Tugger 3 to wherever they like! They have just finished painting her in fresh green, tan, and a variety of brown colors. She looks as good as the day she came from the yard.

Bob installed a small kitchen and a second exhaust on the front and Jill decorated the living space with some lights, plants and a photo of tugger 3. Life is looking good for Jill and Bob!

About the model
TUGGER 3 is a completely new designed tug boat I named Tugger 3 after my Tugger 1 LEGO Ideas submission from 5 years ago. It has a detailed interior below decks with a kitchen and day space. In the wheel house, you'll find several gauges for the engine, radar screens, and a maritime phone. Below the engine cover is a detailed yellow engine.

The model and display use just under 2900 bricks and measures 28cm in width and 58cm in length.
It is built in such a way that it is strong enough to play with. The model comes with two minifigs Bob end Jill and their cat Misty, along with a variety of tools to carry out the overhaul and refit.

I have been building LEGO ships for over 10 years now and would really like to see a larger ship as a LEGO Ideas set. Somehow it seems boats are underated at LEGO. I think this model is cute,using a lot of the more beautiful LEGO color and will appeal to many LEGO fans and will look good displayed on a desk or shelf.

It uses a lot of elements in non existing colors, so it is not buildable as pictured. Still I like this color scheme the best out of all the ones I tried.

First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read the story of Bob and Jill, and another thank you if you have hit the support button!

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