Product Idea |

Dragonfly Hauler Corvette

Basic Idea: 

This is my first design, inspired by my love of science fiction and the desire to give the Space Man from Minifig Series 13 his own ship.  I wanted to create something original that was streamlined but also had plenty of space to add extra parts on to and storage for other models. 


  • The container is not actually attached, there are two arms on either side that swing down on friction hinges to grab the container.  When the shipping container is detached, there is a clear view into the back of the ship.
  • Two pilots spots in the cockpit, which has an angled front end with two separate canopies.
  • Two guns that pivot on either side of the cockpit.
  • Storage clamps on the inside behind the cockpits for weapons.
  • Large turbine-looking engines.  I wanted the ship to look like it was built for speed.

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