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Jurassic Park III-The Raptor Trap


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The Raptors are hunting Udesky and Paul Kirby,can you survive climbing the tree?this set is one of more than 10 sets i´m making on LDD,so,let´s see some info from this set:

The entire Set have a total of 206 pieces:

Udesky and Paul Kirby have a total of: 10 pieces(5 each one)

The two Raptors have a total of: 106 pieces(53 each one)

The tree have a total of: 76 pieces

The Raptors Nest have: 16 pieces(5 eggs)

This set don´t have some "render" program in the design of the images,please,if you like it my project,support my ideia,want some info form this set?Start following now this set,i really want to see this in shops,so everyone,and YOU,can help me,I don´t are the first making a "bricksaur",a dino make only with bricks,don´t maked this set with the 2010 model,i just imagine somthing diferent,so,this is my project i hope you like it,(OBS:the mini-figures don´t have a special decal like in the game,i didn´t know how to do this)if you want another scene of this film,just wait...

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