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The Gym


LEGO town has many citizens who are always busy doing their jobs and making sure others are happy. When they finally get off work or home from school, many of these people need a place to help them look after their health and wellbeing. For this, they turn to The Gym. 

The Gym has been in business for as long as anyone can remember and no one ever called it anything else. While other places always look to bring in what is new and glamorous, The Gym sticks to its roots and does what it does best: offers a variety of activities for all to enjoy!

The build features the following from the ground up: a basketball court with benches for both sides, a concession stand/welcome desk with a lobby and eating area, an arcade, and a tennis court and picnic table on the roof.

To accommodate for the size of a gym, it needed to be wider and deeper than the average modular building. It sits 64 studs wide by 48 studs deep. That said, it is built to LEGO Icons modular style and would make a great addition to any city!

If you see anything that you feel work better a little differently feel free to let me know!

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