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Electronics Store

This is an electronics store. It has three stories, the first one being the electronics store on the bottom, and the other two making up an apartment above the store. It is made up of a bit over 1300 pieces, and has three minifigures.

Store (First Floor)
On the bottom floor is the electronics store. It has a wood pattern on the facade and a big glass window on the side near the stairs. The doors are also glass and chrome. There are two signs above the store: a sign proclaiming that the store is an authorized retailer of two brands, as indicated by the small logos on the sign, and a bigger, tilted sign displaying the store's logo, which I originally intended to be a stylized 'K,' but I could see it as a bird flying as well. Overall it has a very modern feel that draws in customers.
The inside of the store displays many devices: phones and one lone tablet on one side (close to the stairs) and computers on the other side. The cashier's desk is in the back, and many signs throughout the store indicate sales and savings. A cell phone sits on a gold stand in the window to draw in potential customers to check out the special sale on it. 
In the back of the store is the supply room. It unfortunately has no door, but fortunately has a phone (for customer service) mounted to the wall and a cubby on the back wall for anything that needs to be stored but doesn't have a designated place. Some cell phone boxes are under the wall-mounted telephone, but there is also a shelf holding many boxes of products to be sold in the store. There is also a door that leads to a small outside area with a trash can behind the stairs so that employees can have some fresh air and perhaps food if they brought some.

Apartment (Second & Third Floor)
Up the stairs is a very spacious apartment. Right next to the window is the resident's dining table so that they can look out the window when they eat. There is a vase of flowers on the table for decoration and also a plate. Much of the rest of this floor is taken up by the kitchen. Near the door is the fridge, and on the opposite wall is the rest of the kitchen, including a sink, a stove, an oven, and even a range hood. There is also plenty of storage.
Near the stairs up to the third floor, there is also a display case holding a katana blade with a dragon pattern. This is not at all out of place, as the resident of the apartment is a fan of collecting prop weapons from movies. While this is the only expression of their hobby downstairs, upstairs is an entirely different story. In fact, upstairs there is an entire rack of such movie props, as well as multiple fake shields hanging on the walls in both the resident's bedroom and the landing. The door closest to the stairs leads to the bathroom, in which there is a sink, toilet, shower, and the all-important toilet paper. The other door leads to the bedroom, which contains a bed with a diamond-patterned blanket and a small set of drawers (and, of course, more prop shields). The landing also has a chair in a small nook.

There are three minifigures in this project. In the picture, the one on the left is an employee for the store, and the other two are just regular people. One could be the resident of the apartment, but that is really up to you to decide.

I decided to build this to sort of experiment with trying out different shapes for a building, particularly the curved shape for the second and third floors. I also wanted to try out a more modern style for the electronics store in particular (although I don't think it really translated to the rest of the building, but that's okay, maybe there is a story behind that too!). While it was a bit challenging for me, I think it turned out rather well.

Thanks for taking a look at this project! Please comment, support, and share if you're interested. Also, if you really liked this project, please also check out my Keyboard Store project.

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